We are a dedicated commercial machinery moving company that specializes in the relocation and hauling of small to mid-sized equipment for local industries in California at affordable rates. We are a small company with a fleet of three rigs, five trained riggers and a great, friendly staff that can answer all your questions and provide quick, in-writing quotes. As a company we strive to provide more than single truck machinery movers, and always at better rates than large machinery moving companies here in California.

Choose Pasadena Machinery Movers

Our larger competitors charge higher rates for less service. At Pasadena Machinery Movers, we guarantee the lowest prices for moving equipment locally or across country.

Whether you’re relocating your business, opening a new site, or you have a heavy duty job, you can trust that Pasadena Machinery Movers provides affordable relocation services!

It’s Your Move. Call Us…

Los Angeles

(626) 344-0986


(800) 675-1548

Serving all of San Gabriel Valley

From Hastings Ranch to South Arroyo, Altadena to Sierra Madre, Chevy Chase to Arcadia, Alhambra to Temple City, and all that’s in-between, Pasadena Machinery Movers guarantees affordable industrial equipment relocation with a personal touch.

  Industries we serve:

Printing equipment

Wood, stone & metal works

Scientific labs

  • Power Generation
  • Aerospace Contractors
  • Machine Tool Distributors
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food and Beverage Plants
  • Theme Parks
  • United States Government
  • Electric Transformers
  • Machine Tool Manufacturers
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